Are you a growing business looking for responsive and hassle-free IT Support to eliminate irritating computer problems, secure your network from cybercriminals and help your business continue to grow?

Knights of Bytes specializes in working with businesses in Omaha and its surrounding communities by providing responsive and hassle-free IT Support.

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Dear Fellow Business Owner,

  • Are you very busy, sometimes frantic, business owner awash in opportunity but must deal with computer problems constantly cropping up?
  • Is your business network barely secure from the ever-growing number of DAILY cybercriminals who threaten to cripple your business with a click of a mouse?
  • Are you tired of dealing with your current computer company because they are unresponsive, only fix fires instead of being proactive, and you’re not quite sure what you pay them for?

The LAST thing you need are more problems to manage from a vendor! Admittedly, this is only one small part of the day-to-day issues you deal with, but I think you’ll agree that IT problems can be some of the most irritating, expensive and potentially debilitating issues you run into, which is why we want to offer you help.

I guarantee I have way of solving your problems and I’ll give you the roadmap to do so – for FREE!

I’m sure you’re wondering “Okay, what’s the catch?” Why am I willing to give you the roadmap to hassle-free IT Support for free?

  • Quite simply, we’re GREAT at what we do. That being the case, I know I only have to give you the answer to solving your problems as an easy, risk-free way of “sampling” what it is like to work with us to convert you into a raving fan.
  • We’ve already invested a considerable amount of money and time into the resources and infrastructure to deliver this services to our clients, so the greatest expense has already been incurred.
  • And if you do decide to work with us, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. I guarantee that within 90 days you’ll see a marked improvement in the number of issues and secureness of your business. If you don’t, then I’ll give you back every penny you paid us – No Questions Asked.

If this sounds like a dream come true, then click the “Get Started” button below to make your dreams become a reality.

Dedicated To Your Success,
Hallie Talley

These clients love working with Knights of Bytes

And we’re sure you will too!

  • Product, Knowledge and Service are second to none

    Knights of Bytes came to our rescue when we were having issues working remotely. The system had not worked in several years. After their help, I can now work at home when needed and have a virtual desktop without any effort. They were prompt about showing up, completed the work that needed done, stayed late and they were more than fair regarding price. I would suggest that they not change a thing. Your product, knowledge and service are second to none!

    Ben Kugler, Vice President
    Freedom Lending

  • Minimal downtime

    When one of our shop computers was down, we made a phone call to Knights of Bytes. They sent someone immediately without an appointment to address the issue. Our down time was minimized and they were able to get the shop computer up and running quickly. I feel that I can rely on KOB to fix any computer issue promptly and correctly so we can continue on with our daily business. They provide fast service and are reasonably priced. All our experiences with them have been positive!

    Dan Muths, Owner
    Muths Motors