Cloud Computing

If you plan on upgrading your existing server(s) within the next 6 months, cloud computing could offer you a far superior way to get the up-to-date network you need without the heavy costs, complexity and problems associated with most IT upgrades.

There’s a significant chance that many of the applications you use to run your business are already offered as “software as a service”. This allows you to not have to install an application on a server and instead you just access your application through the web. This allows you to use pay-as-you-go model for licenses, features and storage, freeing your business up to be more nimble and efficient with it’s technology.

By utilizing cloud computing for your line of business applications, you might be able to reduce your server size and expense or, even better, eliminate a server all together! Clouding computing is highly scalable and flexible adapting to your needs as your business grows.

Why Should You Consider Cloud Computing?

  • Lowered IT Costs: This is possibly the single most compelling reason why companies choose to use the cloud. You could save money on software and hardware. If you hate having to write those large checks for IT upgrades, you’ll definitely want to look into your options for cloud computing.
  • Access Desktop Or Applications From Anywhere: If you have remote locations or road warriors, you’ll definitely want to investigate cloud software. VPN connections are notoriously flakey. Cloud computing could eliminate requiring your staff to connect via VPN and give them a better and more efficient computing experience.
  • You Can Use It Without Having To “Own” It: As your business grows it becomes more and more expensive to install, update and maintain your network infrastructure. Add on additional software costs because you’ve outgrown your line of business application or because you’re business has grown so much you need to upgrade your server outside of it’s normal lifecycle and you’ve got a perfect recipe for cloud computing.

With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about long, complicated installation, updates and maintenance. Even better yet, it’s so flexible that you’ll never worry about having to “right-size” your network for growth, you can do it on the fly.