Mobile Device Management

If you have employees that access company data like email or files through either their own device or a device you provided to them, then you need mobile device management.

Mobile computing is becoming an increasingly vital component of every business. Mobile devices are used to access critical information, communicate with clients, respond to prospects and even create documents or spreadsheets. They are an integral part of our day to day activities. You need to ensure that your business utilizes the same management and security strategy for mobile device management as it does for desktop management.

What Does Mobile Device Management Include?

  • Remotely Wipe Lost Devices: All it takes is one stolen laptop or tablet or phone for all your business data to become available to anyone. Protect your highly confidential business data by leveraging enterprise level best mobile device management security practices and expertise at a fraction of the cost.
  • Mobile Security: Our mobile device management tools allow use to ensure that your business and its’ data are secure by enforcing strict security protocols on EVERY device under management.
  • Mobile Management: Provide devices for your staff to use but must configure each one individually? We can standardize the configuration of your mobile device set up for fast and easy provisioning as you add staff members.
  • Mobile Device Policies: Whether you provide your staff with mobile devices or you let them use their own devices, you need to have policies in place to protect your business if a device is used inappropriately, lost or stolen.

We can reduce your exposure to risk through a mobile device management strategy that secures and protects access to your business information via mobile devices with just a few tools. We can ensure that your devices are properly configured and eliminate unnecessary distractions that take up your precious time. Mobile devices are a powerful productivity tool for your business. We can give you the confidence to safely and securely leverage mobile computing with our mobile device management strategy and tools.