Office 365

Office 365 gives small and medium businesses an opportunity to get access to enterprise level software at a fraction of the cost and without the headaches of having to manage an email or application server. By utilizing Microsoft’s Office 365, it gives your business the flexibility to manage your software in a predictable and economical manner. You’ll be able to add-on services and users quickly and efficiently freeing your time up for more important staff onboarding tasks.

As IT professionals, we understand that cloud computing is NOT a good fit for every company, and when it comes to moving a critical communication method and your files to the cloud, it can be downright scary. Office 365 services from Knights of Bytes eliminates the fear and headaches that come with migrating your data to the cloud.

With an Office 365 subscription and management services by Knights of Bytes you can get the following:

  • The familiar Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc for your desktop
  • Ability to access the Microsoft applications online
  • The newest versions as they are released
  • Business class email with up to 50GB of storage per email inbox
  • Shared Calendars
  • Team Chat
  • 1TB of Cloud based storage for files PER user
  • Faster, cheaper and easier way to set up new employees
  • Spam filtering
  • Data backup for your email and files

If you’re considering Office 365 and want to know if your business can or is ready to move to the cloud, schedule your IT Assessment now. We’ll work with you in advance to determine if you can move your email or files to the cloud and cover common concerns like slow internet and security. You’ll also receive a Cloud Optimization Plan outlining our findings and a project plan to migrate your business to the cloud and a go live date.