Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 53

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 53

👀Another Florida city announces that they have had a cyber "incident". The details haven't been completely released yet, but it sounds very similar to the other two Florida cities that have announced last month that they were victims of ransomware.

The cities had many of their services disabled like e-mail, emergency numbers or had files encrypted. None of these cities are big like an Atlanta, or a Baltimore. They're small or medium sized cities.

It's a good reminder to make sure that you are doing at least the basics to protect your business:

👉Apply security patches
👉Train your employees on how to spot phishing emails
👉Deploy antivirus, firewalls and other cybersecurity defenses
👉Keep up to date on cyber trends

If you've got questions, let us know. We can certainly help.