Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 79

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 79

I know that you chose your IT company to protect your network and keep your business network running in tip top shape because they were the most qualified, highly responsive and thorough IT company out there.

I'm sure you vetted them based on a set of criteria that you researched so that you made the most informed decision on who you would TRUST the second most important part of your business (people being the first).

Right? 😮

oh no. 😮

Did you pick them because they were the cheapest?

Well, we can't be right all the time. 🤔

Since you picked your IT person on price and not for their ability to protect your network from the growing army of cyber criminals who work non-stop trying to break into ANY business they can get in, watch today's video for a couple of quick tips on how to make sure your cheap IT guy is doing the right thing for your business.