Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 59

“I don’t have anything worth stealing.”-Every small business owner. Literally. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

And I get it. How are you, the small business owner, supposed to relate to Target, Home Depot, Facebook, etc and these huge data breaches where millions of private information gets stolen.

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 56

Today is the start of a new series…The Misconceptions of IT Security.

Misconception #1: They’re not hackers. They are criminals. If someone broke into your office and stole from you, you’d report it. Why do we treat cyber crime differently? In today’s video and going forward, you’ll only hear the words cyber criminal when I’m referring to ‘bad’ hackers.

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 55

⚖LB757 in Nebraska is more commonly known as the Data Breach Notification Law. Except….of course there is an exception. You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you? ✨

⚖LB757 also outlines Data Security for businesses that stores personal identifiable information electronically (like employee information) you should be aware of what this law outlines and how you could be affected.

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 52

🎆Our good friends to the north, North Dakota, has signed into law a new cybersecurity bill. Actually they have 4, count 'em 4, cybersecurity bills either enacted or on the govenor's desk to be signed.

This bill in particular establishes a single IT department for all state agencies and gives guidance to smaller county and city government entities on how to protect their systems from getting hacked.

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 51

🤔Something to think about.....

If you had ransomware on your computers....

✨Do you have a plan for recovery?
✨How long could you be without your documents, files, emails?
✨How much would it cost to recover?
✨How long would it take to recover?
✨What would your insurance cover?
✨Would you have to pay out of pocket to start the recovery process and then insurance will reimburse you?
✨Can you afford to pay out of pocket for recovery?

Can you answer those questions? If not, it's time to sit down with your IT provider and formulate a plan so you CAN answer those questions and be prepared.

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 50

✈🏝 It's almost summertime which means summer vacays! Except cyber criminals are well aware that you are planning a summer vacation. In fact, they're trying to help you plan a vacation by sending you emails that look like they are from airbnb with an awesome vacation rental offer.