Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 49

DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has issued yet another Ransomware warning. This time they included a tip sheet so that you can learn how to better protect your business.

Ransomware isn't going away anytime soon. It's also the type of cyberattack that can cost your business, regardless of size or industry, thousands of dollars to recover from.

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 48

πŸ™ The City of Albany was recently attacked by ransomware. Thankfully it appears that there was no personal information nor bank account information stolen. As the Mayor of Albany pointed out, it's not a victimless crime, there will still be a financial impact to the City of Albany.

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 43

Call Ruby aka Ruby Receptionists gets Ransomware in the middle of the night. ALL their services were down. Their IT team, the FBI, executive team and a cyber forensic specialist team work to unravel the web.

Watch to find out what happened and why you need to be prepared!

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 42

Google releases a Password Checkup tool to see if your Chrome credentials have been involved in a data breach. If they have, it automatically notifies you and requires you to change your password immediately.

If you are a business, watch this video to find out how an IT provider can check ALL of your email addresses against all known breaches.

Small Business Daily Cybersecurity Brief: EP. 41

Do you know if your business insurance will really cover you in the event of a cyber attack? A new report from Lloyd's of London suggests that there much of the world remains under-insured.

Insurance won't prevent any attacks, but it will certainly help you mitigate the risks associated with recovery.