Disaster Recovery Planning

Get a tailor-made plan to keep your data and operations secure from all kinds of tech disasters

Knights of Bytes Disaster Recovery Planning Services Comes With:

  • Comprehensive in-depth planning to create your IT Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Detailed Disaster Recovery Plan documented in full for all staff, based on their role in the business
  • Testing of the Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Implementation of Data Backup and Business Continuity Solutions to minimize downtime

Did you know that 60 percent of businesses shut down 6 months after a disaster? Our Disaster Recovery Planning services will keep you from becoming just another statistic.

Server Support

Uninterrupted server performance enables your business to be more productive

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Phone/VoIP Solutions

Crystal-clear calls enabled by our affordable internet-based phone systems

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Cloud Computing

Tools designed to boost employee collaboration and productivity regardless of time or location

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