VoIP/Phone Solutions

Crystal-clear calls enabled by our affordable internet-based phone systems

Knights of Bytes VoIP/Phone Solutions give you:

  • A modern, cost-effective, feature-rich type of phone system
  • Call routing, auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email transcriptions, video conferencing, and more
  • 24/7 maintenance and monitoring of your entire VoIP platform
  • “Find me” functionality, which allows users to receive calls on a specified internet-enabled device
  • “Follow me” functionality lets users receive calls on a “virtual number” that can be routed to multiple locations to ring simultaneously or sequentially
  • Hardware, software, and networking implementations, integrations, and optimizations

Reach out to your clients and employees no matter where they are. Our VoIP/Phone Solutions will boost local and global communications without breaking the bank.

Cloud Computing

Tools designed to boost employee collaboration and productivity regardless of time or location

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Email/Spam Protection

Optimized email systems to eliminate potential spam and phishing attacks

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IT Project Management

Cost-effective and on-time completion of large-scale technology projects like server upgrades and network redesigns

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