IT Consulting

Are you tired of IT projects going horribly wrong, having unexpected IT expenses creep up, or of constant computer problems because your current IT support company doesn’t work with you to provide IT Consulting and an IT strategy? As a business owner, you likely don’t have enough time or resources required to put together a capable IT Strategy and Management team. Nor should you have to.

Our IT Consulting services provide our clients with ongoing IT Strategy to eliminate problems before they arise, create short and long term budgets so that IT spending becomes predictable instead of shocking, and provide accountability for actions taken by IT to ensure that we are moving in the direction your business is headed. We want to work with you as a partner when it comes to IT. Our IT Consulting and strategy sessions will leave you feeling like you’ve got a full time CTO instead of just a computer guy.

Technology is a part of our everyday business life. It’s a fact that we can’t escape and instead of treating it as a necessary evil, we’ll work with you to identify how to make your technology increase efficiencies which should reduce waste and increase profitability. In addition, we’ll bring to the table other strategies that can help grow your business.

IT Consulting and Strategy from Knights of Bytes Includes:

  • Project Assessment: Whatever the challenge is, we’ll make sure that your network and systems are capable of the changes you want to make. We take the time to make a detailed project plan including milestones, tasks and budget to ensure that we have tangible business results that you can manage.
  • Flexible options: Our IT Consulting and Strategy sessions can be recurring or on ad-hoc basis. The same with our project services. If you’re a business that has a capable IT person, but maybe lacks the high-level IT Strategy and Project Management chops, we’re happy to assist your staff with the planning and ensure that the implementation is executed properly.
  • Documentation: We’ll fully document your network, your project, business processes, training, etc so that it can be used in a repeatable process. Why reinvent the wheel? When it comes to replacing computers and servers, having a fully documented network and project can make all the difference when it comes to project success. Our IT Consulting and Strategy services will make sure that we fully document everything related to IT.
  • Cybersecurity: If you haven’t taken the time to learn about our Cybersecurity Protection, go there now! This is the single biggest threat to businesses today. Our IT Consulting and Strategy sessions ALWAYS includes in-depth Cybersecurity analysis to identify areas of concern so that we can build an IT Optimization plan to keep you safe.

As a fellow business owner, we understand how important it is to have a strategy for sales, marketing, service AND even IT. That’s why it’s essentially that you use a competent IT Consulting team to help you build and secure your business network.