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What Our Clients Have To Say...

Product, Knowledge and Service are second to none


Knights of Bytes came to our rescue when we were having issues working remotely. The system had not worked in several years. After their help, I can now work at home when needed and have a virtual desktop without any effort. They were prompt about showing up, completed the work that needed done, stayed late and they were more than fair regarding price. I would suggest that they not change a thing. Your product, knowledge and service are second to none!


Ben Kugler, Vice President

Freedom Lending



Minimal downtime


When one of our shop computers was down, we made a phone call to Knights of Bytes. They sent someone immediately without an appointment to address the issue. Our down time was minimized and they were able to get the shop computer up and running quickly. I feel that I can rely on KOB to fix any computer issue promptly and correctly so we can continue on with our daily business. They provide fast service and are reasonably priced. All our experiences with them have been positive!


Dan Muths, Owner

Muths Motors



Highly Responsive


We’ve been working with Knights of Bytes and couldn’t be more pleased. We aren’t a large company with a large IT budget. Other IT firms had quoted us products that fit our needs but didn’t fit our budget. Knights of Bytes went the extra mile to find a workable solution for us. We have gained great peace of mind having Knights of Bytes maintain and monitor our network. If we have any IT problem, they jump on it right away. Knowing that help is a phone call away is all we need.


Tom Taylor, Engineering Manager

Semaan Engineering



Understandable and patient


Our previous computer guy would get irritated with me when I asked questions. He acted like it was such a bother to him. And when he would actually take the time to explain to me what he was doing, he was extremely confusing. Now when I have questions, the techs from Knights of Bytes are patient with me and they take the time to answer my questions. They make sure that all my questions have been answered to MY satisfaction before the leave.


Practice Manager

Omaha Area Law Firm



No unpredicted IT expenses


Before we started with Knights of Bytes our computers were constantly being infected with viruses and having to pay hundreds of dollars a month to have them removed. We began a business partnership with them and they finally got our virus issues under of control. More importantly, they convinced me to sign up for their flat rate IT services. Up until that point, I never knew how much we were going to spend every month, let alone year. After our agreement, we now work together to formulate our IT budget for both our monthly maintenance and any hardware. Now we no longer have any unpredicted IT expenses thanks to Knights of Bytes.



Omaha Area Heating & Air Company



Problems fixed quickly


In our experience, as our firm has grown, we had more IT issues arise. Our previous IT company had quality work but their customer service and price were not even close to Knights of Bytes. The team at Knights has really become part of our team. They are always friendly. We know exactly what is being done and if there will be any follow up work needed. Utilizing their flat rate per month IT support plan has completely done away with our staff feeling pressured to not call unless the problem was major. As a result, our problems are resolved much quicker than before. Any delay in work is also a delay in productivity and revenue for our company. We trust that Knights of Bytes can keep us running smoothly every day.


Managing Partner

Lincoln-Based Law Firm



Take away the stress of worrying about IT


We had just been through the ringer with our past IT company. We would call and not get any response for days/weeks. When looking for a new IT company, I knew I wanted someone who responded quickly and that was proactive instead of reactive in protecting us from security breaches. We found that there is always someone giving you a lower price. But customer service and quality of work match what you pay for.

We appreciated that Knights of Bytes gave us options to match our budget and how much time or work we needed. We had someone drive through our wall in the middle of the night, straight into our server. Jason and his team were there at 6AM (when we called) and throughout the entire day, getting us back online. I don’t know how we would have gone on business as usual without their assistance. They were generally concerned and got us back up and running. They let us do what we do best and take away the stress of worrying about IT.


Lacy Arteaga, Owner




Partner with someone who “gets it”


In my mind the monthly maintenance helps reduce the potential problems that we want to avoid in our business. Things like backups, cyber issues related to security, viruses, whatever. What could my business be exposed to? I want those issues dealt with someone that has the capacity and skill to do so on a consistent basis in a way that I can understand. My experience prior to KOB was with a company that said they understood what we needed but did not have the wherewithal to get it done. Plenty of staff, but terrible customer service. Our interest was to partner with someone who “gets it” in terms of how our business operates, lay out a plan to maintain our system, answer questions in a way that we could understand and KEEP US RUNNING. And without an IT person on staff, we rely on KOB and their expertise to make it happen.


Joe Cunningham, Owner

Services Express Co



Get immediate help


Contract price is a consideration but more importantly to me is knowing that IF something should happen that I can continue on with day to day business. I need to know that my files, emails, programs both at our office and in the cloud are safe and secure. I have found the value of having every issue addressed and fixed, regardless of the size of issue. The most important factor is that I know I can get immediate help should an incident happen and know I will not lose any of my business information. Knights of Bytes provides all the support I need to make sure that my files are properly backed up and accessible at all times.



Omaha Area Title Company


We spend less money and have less downtime


We have been using Knights of Bytes for over 5 years. We have a corporate IT team that takes care of our high level IT needs but we needed someone local to fill in the gaps, including periodic maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Knights of Bytes takes care of all our daily, weekly and monthly maintenance for our network. They provide local helpdesk support both remotely and onsite if needed. They take care of problems before we even know they exist. They have developed a complete map of all our equipment, have a schedule to make sure each device is updated and meet with us on a quarterly basis to review the status of our network. As a result, we spend less money constantly fixing issues because we weren’t maintaining our network and have less wasted time from not having our systems working.


Mike Tederman, Owner

Elite Auto Services & Midtown Auto

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