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Server Support

Your servers play an essential role in running your business smoothly. If they fail or get infected by malicious viruses your operations could come to a grinding halt. Knights of Bytes’ has a team of technicians that are trained and kept up to date in best practices of server installation, maintenance, and support. We can provide the reliable Server Support services you need.


Server Support from Knights of Bytes allows you to:


  • Stop worrying. Your servers are in the hands of highly trained professionals. Our team follows best practices as outlined by industry giants like Microsoft, Dell, HP, and CompTia.

  • Reduced downtime with our proactive measures. Servers are central to running your business and should be routinely maintained. We’ve created a multipoint checklist that we use to ensure that your server is maintained according to industry best practices.

  • Accommodate growth. Our staff will work with you to plan for your business growth. No more bubble gum and bailing wire solutions as a temporary fix for a server you’ve outgrown. You plan your business strategy for the future and we’ll work with you to make your server can handle your growth.

  • Ensure security. Your server contains highly confidential information and should be treated with kid gloves. You don’t want just anyone maintaining your server. You need a team that you can trust with one of your most important pieces of your network. Our staff treats every server as if it’s our own. You can rest easy knowing that we are putting your business first.


If you’re concerned that your server might not be treated with the respect it needs, then call Knights of Bytes. We can take care of any server performance issues that are caused by an influx of traffic, security threats, or any other problems imaginable. 

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