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Flat Rate IT Services

Are your computers a constant source of frustration and stress? Do you feel like you keep throwing your hard-earned money at IT only to have your computers never seem to work right? Do you wonder what your computer guy does when he is at your office “fixing” your computer issues that don’t ever go away?


We created Business First to specifically eliminate those problems.


What does Business First do for you?


  • A flat fixed fee per month. This allows you to budget for IT instead of having the normal peaks and valleys of IT spending.

  • Empowers your staff. If you choose, you can have your staff contact us directly regarding their computer issues. This takes the stress off your plate and puts it directly on to ours. We’ll take care of it for you.

  • Proactive maintenance of your network. Most computer problems can be prevented by doing routine maintenance, no different than your car or home. Proactive maintenance also allows us to spot an issue before it becomes a serious problem.

  • Monthly onsite visits. Not only do we visit every client every month, but we also provide a detailed checklist of all the maintenance items that we perform every month. The checklist holds us accountable to YOU. You write the check every month, you should know exactly what you are paying for!

  • Keys to the Kingdom book. Your IT Support Company shouldn’t hold your business hostage by not giving you the critical documentation, like admin passwords, to your network. We provide you a book that includes every single piece of information that your IT Support Company would need to recreate your network in the event of a disaster or in the event that you decide you no longer want our services.


Why trust one of your most valuable business investments, your computer network, to someone who doesn’t answer your call, holds your network hostage, and sends you complex invoices that leave you uncertain of what work was done? Get rid of the stress by using one of our Business First programs. 

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