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Network Security

Viruses, Trojans, hackers, and ransomware are continuous threats to your business. Criminals are smarter and more sophisticated. They hack into businesses of all sizes, taking their networks “hostage” and asking for money to give control back. Don’t let your business fall prey to these criminals!


Take control of your network security. Knights of Byte’s Network Security services lets you enjoy the peace of mind knowing your systems are constantly monitored, maintained, and protected by a team of tech experts. We proactively look after your systems to protect them from cyber security infiltrations and should any issues arise, we will work relentlessly to clean your network.


Network Security solutions from Knights of Bytes include:


  • Best-in-class firewall protection. It starts with the “gate” between your business and the rest of the internet world. We only use best-in-class firewalls to protect our client’s sensitive business data.

  • Secure remote and internal network access. We have created a multipoint checklist that we utilize to ensure that your business is secure. Our team runs through this checklist on a frequent basis ensuring that we are keeping your business secure and up to date.

  • Best security practices for users. Having the right equipment is only part of the equation of creating a secure network. Training users on IT security best practices is the other part. By having an informed staff, you can minimize “accidents” because of uninformed users. We send out weekly emails to help educate staff.

  • Cutting-edge security measures. We dedicate a portion of our team to keeping up to date on best practices in IT security. That includes training for our highest level techs to be Certified Ethical Hackers. We also meet regularly with 200+ IT business owners and industry leaders to have our finger on the pulse of new threats.

  • Security layers. We use a combination of hardware and software to create layers of security. Because of the complexity of the viruses, malware, spyware and others, only a combination of tools can keep the bad guys from getting into your network.


We work hard to deploy the latest network security tools to protect your systems from the ever-evolving online threats. It’s no longer a matter of if you get hacked, it’s when will you get hacked.

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