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Cloud Computing

There’s a good chance that many of the applications that you use to run your business are now offered as “software as a service”. In common terms, you don’t have to install them on your server or computers. You just access them through the web. This allows you to use a pay-as-you-go model for licenses, features, and data storage.


Why use Knights of Bytes’ cloud services?


  • Lowered IT costs. This is possibly the single most compelling reason why companies to choose to use the cloud. You could save money on software AND on hardware. If you hate constantly writing large checks for IT upgrades, you’ll want to look into cloud computing.

  • Access desktop or applications from anywhere. If you have remote workers or, like us, have techs out on the road during the day, you might want to investigate cloud software that allows your staff to maintain their productivity even when they are not in the office.

  • You can use it without having to “own” it. As your business grows it becomes more and more expensive to install, update, and maintain your network infrastructure. Then add on additional software costs because you’ve outgrown your line of business application. It becomes very costly just to maintain the status quo. With cloud services, you don’t have to worry about the install, updates, and maintenance.


Knights of Bytes’ Cloud Computing services are highly scalable and flexible. You’ll never have to worry about backing up data or keeping your software and hardware up to date again. Our cloud trained experts will handle everything for you. And you’ll only have to deal with a single, flat monthly fee.

Data Cloud
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