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Desktop Support

Computers can be a constant source of frustration if they aren’t performing at their best, at all times. Knights of Bytes’ proactive Desktop Support keeps your computers running in tip-top shape. And should any issue, arise, we can get it fixed remotely or come over to your office to troubleshoot the problem.


What is proactive desktop support?

  • Continuous monitoring of the status of the hardware. Our network health software takes readings of your computer hardware. This gives our team of dedicated technicians insight into how the computer is running. When they start to see something awry, they can catch it before it becomes a full-on problem.

  • Reduced downtime with our proactive measures. How great would it be if while your car is in your garage at night, a racecar pit team leaps out and changes the oil, rotates the tires, tops of all fluids, and washes your car while you are asleep? Computers are like your car, they need maintenance all the time. We provide that maintenance without interfering with your daily businesses.

  • Inclusive monthly plans to help predict your expenses. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a bill from your computer guy every time you call him. With our flat-rate IT services, you control how much you want to spend and the type of support you want.


If you’re tired of computers that don’t work right all the time, then look no further. We keep a vast knowledge base of common and uncommon issues so that we can fix your computer issues in a timely manner and keep your downtime to a minimum. Our team is more than capable when it comes to resolving computer issues.

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