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About Us

If you're older than 30, you might remember in the middle '90s when AOL used to mail an install CD every week to your house. They were giving away 1000 hours on the Internet, for FREE!

Hallie's Story:

In 1995, I was a teenager in a small town just outside of Omaha, Nebraska. In the early '90s, I begged, pleaded, and successfully negotiated with my parents to install AOL on our home computer. I was so excited! AOL offered an opportunity to meet people that I would have never met. Sometime in 1995, I managed to find myself in a general AOL chat room with friends that I had met online.

Jason's Story:

In Redondo Beach, California during the early '90's my Grandfather talked my parents into spending way too much money on a home computer. He had worked with computers from the very beginning and saw that they were becoming central to life. From the very first time, he showed me how to use a computer, I was fascinated by it. What was even more fantastic was a service called AOL that allowed me to tie up our only phone line in the house for hours on end idly chatting with strangers in a chat room. 

Our Story:

It was fate, or AOL, in 1995 that brought us together. From two different states, thousands of miles away from each other, we became friends in an AOL chat room. That friendship lasted four years before finally meeting in person. It continues when we married in 2004 and continues today! We started out together in California and moved to Nebraska in 2002.

Jason has been working in the IT industry since the late 90's. He started out in a small insurance firm as their help desk tech. He was part of the firm's rapid growth from 20 people to over 50 people in just a few short years. After moving to Nebraska, he worked at New Horizons. While there he trained other IT professionals to assist them on getting industry certifications. He then moved to the Omaha World Hearlad, moving through the ranks in the IT Department before starting Knights of Bytes.

Hallie has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Both of her parents owned and operated their own businesses when she was younger. She started her work experience by working for her father at HP Smith Ford. After college, her work experience included Ferguson Enterprises, Wells Fargo, and ConAgra. Her focus has always been in customer service, leading to one of Knights of Byte's core values: providing their customers a "WOW" experience. Hallie is a published Author and has been interviewed by the Midlands Business Journal and regarding various IT topics. 

We are business owners. We know how frustrating and scary it can be to outsource a task that is critical to your business. We've worked hard to create a responsive, competent, and reliable IT team. Give us a try by calling us at 402-218-4644.

Knights of Bytes
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